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Adsterra Review : Is It The Best CPM Ad Network ? (Payment Proof Included)

Full Adsterra Review
Written by Muhammad Rehan

Like every other blogger, I also started Blogging after seeing the screenshots of Adsense accounts of few bloggers. The thing that came up straight to mind was that Blogging is equal to easy money, but I was proven wrong just in few months.

After many disapprovals, I got approved by Adsense through which I made 95$ in the first month, but instead of sending me payment Google sent me a mail saying that “Your account has been Disabled.” Now, this was the worst thing happened to me.

After getting disabled by Adsense, I thought of moving off with other Ad Networks. Before I got approved by Adsense, I was using Revenuehits, but it wasn’t paying well. So after getting kicked by Google, I somehow got to know about Adsterra. I applied for Adsterra and got approved on 19 September 2016 for my first ever blog ( Since then I started using Adsterra on my blog. As I am still a newbie blogger, therefore, I had a very little traffic those days. Moreover, most of the traffic was from Asian countries; therefore, CPM was too low. My earning was only a hundred bucks which took few months to complete.

Adsterra Review

Here is my Adsterra Review including payment proof as well.


Let’s start with the benefits of Adsterra for advertisers. I have no experience of advertising with them but will list some of their features. Here are the features that Advertisers get at Adsterra.

Ad Types

You can advertise with Adsterra according to CPM, CPA, CPI, CPL & CPO. One can get a large number of sales, leads, visitors or conversions through their High-Quality Traffic.


Adsterra works with Smart Targeting and can display your ads according to following things:

  • Region:

You can target your ads to a particular area, country, state, city, language.

  • Browser:

You can target your ads for specific browsers such as Opera, Mozilla, Chrome.

  • Keywords:

You can target specific keywords for displaying your ads to get maximum profit.

  • Operating System:

You can also display ads for specific OS such as windows, ios, Android or other operating systems.

  • Device:

Adsterra also supports ads according to the device being used such as phones, laptops, desktops etc

Mobile Integration

Adsterra has easy integration process with HasOffers, Voluum, Tune, Cake, AppsFlyer and other partners through which they track all traffic sources.

Advanced Optimization

You will find Best Ad Optimization at Adsterra. Here are their optimization features:

  • Budget caps
  • Frequency
  • Time
  • Bid recommendation

Self-service platform

With Adsterra’s SSP, you can control your online advertising campaigns like never before. Read more details about Adsterra SSP here.

Real-time bidding

Advertisers can get access to Adsterra high-quality traffic under the best conditions in milliseconds


Adsterra has some of the top internet brands as their partners that are listed below.

  • AliExpress
  • Daraz.PK
  • Jabong
  • Jumia
  • Lazada Group
  • Linio
  • Matomy

Advertisers Reviews

Adsterra Review

Adsterra Review

You can read more reviews at their website.

Payment Methods

Adsterra accepts following payment methods

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • WebMoney


Adsterra has minimum bids for different ad formats.

Format TIER-1 TIER-2 TIER-3
Display banner $0.15 $0.10 $0.05
Popunder desktop $0.50 $0.35 $0.25
Popunder mobile $0.60 $0.45 $0.35

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Now here comes the main part of article and that is my Adsterra Review For Publishers. Before starting, I want you to let you know that Adsterra is the first ever Ad Network that paid me :P. My Adsense was disabled, and other networks couldn’t perform well. Therefore, my first ever Blogging Income was from Adsterra. That is one of the main reason I love Adsterra :). Let’s start with the features they provide to publishers.


Adsterra provides one of best features for its publishers which are given below

Instant Income

Earning process with Adsterra is income just like other platforms. You only need to apply three simple steps:

  • Apply
  • Place Code
  • Start Earning

High CPM Rate

According to Adsterra, they provide the best CPM Rates as compared to other ad networks. I can agree with them, but I will let you know further CPM details after features so keep reading article.

Safe ads

Adsterra prevents malware or spammy ads and presents only safe ads to your visitors ( they can be 18+ as well 😛 )

Ad Formats

You can get almost all type of ads which includes Banners ( all sizes ), PopUnders, Interstitial etc

On Time Payments

Adsterra processes all the payments on time, and they even have huge number of payout methods such as

  • Bitcoins
  • Wire Transfer
  • Paxum
  • Payza
  • Paypal
  • Webmoney
  • Epayments

Publishers Reviews

Adsterra Review

It is the end of Features section and now it is the time for my review 🙂

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My Adsterra Review As A Publisher

As I have already said above that Adsterra is the first ever Ad Network that I managed to get a payout. So, I have an extra love for Adsterra 😛 . It is going to be the honest review, and I will talk about everything, or you can ask in comments if I forget something.


Adsterra provides everyone a Personal Manager for support/queries blah blah. Even it can be same for everyone 😛 . Their support system is not too good as after mailing the personal manager I had to wait for hours to get the solution or answers to my problems or questions. But still they are good at supporting as they have a support ticket system as well but in my case, I always used to mail directly to the personal manager.

CPM Rates

One thing that everyone wants to know is their CPM rates. Everyone knows that CPM rates differ for countries as they have different advertising rates for Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. Now my blog had low traffic which was mostly from Pakistan & India. CPM rate for the banner was too low for my traffic, so I started using PopUnders (yes they are not suitable for user navigation, but I wanted money 😛 ) Popunders brought a good improvement in CPM rates, and my earning started growing to reach the minimum payout.

Their CPM rate was sometimes so surprising for Pakistani & Indian traffic which began to decrease after few days of me reaching the minimum payout. Here are the screenshots which will clear my point.

Adsterra review

As you can see the highest CPM I got was 2.7$ for Pakistani & Indian traffic which kept on increasing or decreasing gradually. I have already told that I was a very newbie ( even I am still ) that time, so I was getting only this traffic. After I had got my first payout, this was the condition of CPM.

Adsterra Review

After this, I stopped using them since their CPM was killing 😛 . I mailed my personal manager regarding this issue, and he told me that to increase my CPM I should use Pop ads ( even though I was already using ) or get traffic from Tier 1 countries.


Adsterra has automatic payments system. Payment dates are 1,2 and 16,17 of each month. In case of the weekend, payments are processed on the next working day.

For example:
If you reached $100 on 8th of June, then your payment will be processed on 1st or 2nd of July.
If you reached $100 on 16th of June, then your payment will be processed on 16th or 17th of July.
If 1st of July is Saturday, then payments will be processed on 3rd and 4th of July.

I got my payment on time, and many people think that Do they actually Pay?

To answer this here is my payment proof:

Adsterra Payment Proof - Adsterra Review

Earn with Adsterra Now

Final Words

Now according to my experience, I think Adsterra is the best network if you are having a good amount of traffic and that niche isn’t supported by Adsense. Moreover, it will be great if the traffic is from Tier 1 countries. If you are still struggling with Adsense or your account is disabled you must give a try to Adsterra. Here ends my Adsterra Review, do share it with your friends to get them know about Adsterra.

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