How To Improve English Skills As a Blogger ?

Improving English
Written by Muhammad Rehan

After adopting Blogging as a hobby or passion, many people face enormous problems. These problems vary from person to person. Some people may face difficulties in writing good content, and many may face less traffic problem. But one thing is confronted by many newbies is the language. We all know that the English language is widely used in the universe therefore in Blogging world the language that is used by most bloggers is English. Many of bloggers aim to get international traffic to maximize their revenue and to achieve this goal they have to write content in English.

Today I am going to address this issue and would try my best to help you in improving your English to write better content for your visitors. Now, this doesn’t mean that I am excellent in English. Believe me, I am not, and I am also improving day by day, and today I will share the same tips with you. Without wasting more time let’s begin, and this would be the first ever article on this blog, so I hope that I can help you well.

How To ?

Now the question arises how to? I would answer this question by a simple answer “Read & Watch.” Yes and that is the only strategy I am following. Let me explain this further.

Reading :

Reading - Improving English

Most of us are addicted to reading novels, but I am not a part of those people. So if you aren’t interested in reading novels or books simply start reading different blogs. Read various articles with full concentration. It will help you a lot in understanding English and will increase your ability to write as well. Reading articles has two great benefits, you will learn what is being taught in the article and make your English better as well. Here I am listing some of the blogs that you can read to get more knowledge of blogging world and improving your English skills as well.

  • Backlinko ( Brian Dean )
  • Neil Patel Blog ( Neil Patel )
  • ShoutMeLoud ( Harsh Agarwal )
  • IftiSEO ( Iftekhar Ahmed )
  • Many More ( Google them )

Now why I only suggested these blogs? The reason is that most of us are interested to gain more knowledge in our respective field and as my interest is Blogging / SEO, therefore, I would read articles related to it. If you have an interest in something else, you can use Google to search blogs related to it and then read the articles on those blogs.

Watching YouTube :

Watching - Improving English

I am one of those people that are addicted to YouTube and trust me it helps a lot in improving your English skills. If you watch a lot of Youtubers, you will get to know many new things daily. I watch a lot of YouTube, and I would suggest you do the same. Let me first list the Youtubers I watch daily, well most of them are vloggers.

  • Casey Neistat ( Top Class Vlogger)
  • Jake Paul
  • Logan Paul Vlogs ( Yes I watch both of them )
  • Adam Saleh Vlogs
  • Superwoman
  • Superwoman Vlogs
  • Roman Atwood ( Biggest Vlogger on YouTube )
  • Mark Dohner
  • Mo Vlogs ( Only in case if you are bored or you want to see Dubai 😛 )
  • Pewdiepie ( Biggest Youtuber with over 55M subs )
  • h3h3 Productions
  • Jesse (PrankVsPrank)
  • MANY MORE !!

These are few Youtubers that I watch regularly, and the above list is not according to any rank. I am unable to remember more names at this time. So yeah whenever you are bored simply start watching Youtube, this will help you skip the boring phase and will help you polish your English skills.

Social Media :

Social media - improve english

Social media is also one of the best things you can use to improve your English writing skills. Now, what you can do on Social Media? You can write more and more in English, participate in different discussions in different groups. Join some groups related to your interest and try to communicate with people as much as you can without being shy of your English. Point out your mistakes and try to correct them next time and with the passage of time, your English skills will be improved much. You can also use Quora for this as it is one of the best platforms of communication. Try to answer questions on Quora which will help you gain some confidence and improve your skills as well.

Final Words :

There can be many other ways to improve your English, but I have only shared three of them as these are the methods I use on a daily basis and it helps me to fasten my English writing skills which increase your article writing skills as well. Now, this was the first ever post on my blog; I hope that it will help you. I would love to hear your suggestions on improving this article or something else on this blog in the comment section !!

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