Roundup Post: What Mistakes Do Newbies Make At Starting?

mistakes newbies make
Written by Muhammad Rehan

Everyone wants to make money through blogging, but they never see that Blogging isn’t an easy method to make money. Many of us start blogging just to make easy money and despite our hard work, we fail because our only focus is $$ which according to me is the main reason of failure.
If we take Blogging as a passion, money will come as a side product. But we simply make Adsense our aim and start Blogging even if that blog isn’t getting good traffic. Today I have gathered the opinions of senior bloggers on the topic of Mistakes That Newbies Make At Starting.
I hope this roundup post help newbies choose their right direction and learn from the advice by seniors. Here are the answers by Senior Bloggers to the question What Mistakes Do Newbies Make At Starting?

1- Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar - HBB

I think the only one mistake they should avoid is… they shouldn’t consider Google AdSense account until they get proper consistent traffic first. Without good content and traffic, even if they get approved, I think it’ll end up as a disaster because each and every day they’ll work hard to increase their earnings and not to improve or upscale their blog. I have seen plenty of people who post queries related to AdSense earnings, but deep down, there is no traffic in the first place. Focus on “Google Analytics” first, then go to “Google AdSense.”

Blog : HellBound Bloggers
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2- Ali Raza

Ali Raza - AliRaza.Co

I believe the major mistake newbies make while starting their online carrier is not focusing on one thing and moving too quickly.

Everything requires patience and consistency so until and unless you have it, you aren’t going to be successful.

The second thing I will suggest is, in choosing a niche or field, do what you like, instead of focusing the scope.. choose your passion and money will chase you.

Good Luck !!

Blog : AliRaza.co

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3- Malik Sharjeel Tahir

Sharjeel Tahir - SharjeelTahir(dot)com

First Learn:
Never quit learning because every day new things come and you have to learn them.

Beginners start something without know what is it and then cry because they fail.

First Learn the tactics like how you can manage that business.

This quote is enough for motivation.

First Learn then remove the L (Earn) 😉

New bloggers just want to become successful in one night. There are no such shortcuts available in the online world.

Like to get a good job you have to work hard to pass the interview and this can take you years to get the job.

Patience is everything.

Focusing on money:
New bloggers mostly focus on earning alot. I know money is a kind of inspiration, but this can destroy your business.

Focus on your business quality instead of money.

If your quality good your business will grow automatically and earning will start automatically.

Just work hard for goals.

Think long term, not short terms.

Do Short terms just for experimental purposes, but your target is setup a long term empire.

I hope this will help you and thanks Rehan for inviting me and considering me to participate in this awesome roundup.

Blog : SharjeelTahir.com

4- Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph - BloggingFromParadise

Most new bloggers chase money or other metrics versus chasing their passion. Follow your fun! Not finances. This gets you in the right energetic space from the get-go, helping you build your blog on a solid foundation.

Blog : BloggingFromParadise

5- Muhammad Tabish

Muhammad Tabish -BlogRankSEO

When people start blogging, they generally want to write on really big topics like:

“How to Do SEO Search Engine Optimization”
“Business Factor Best Practices”
“How to Online Making Money on the Internet”
Topics like these are far too broad. Because there are so many details and nuances in these topics, it’s really hard to do a good job answering them. Plus, more specific Blog topics tend to attract smaller, more (targeted audiences), which tend to be higher quality and more likely to convert into leads and customers.

Blog : BlogRankSEO

6- Waqas Jawed

Waqas Jawed

Newbies never consider what things we need to learn to earn good amounts they always ask with teachers only one question that how much we earn? This is the biggest mistake of newbies, In my opinion first, they should focus on skills and learn something new every day don’t keep thinking about money if they work hard money come to them itself more than their goal.

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7- Aditya Singh

Aditya Sign - Crossword Life

  • I have seen too many bloggers doing blogging for the only purpose of earning.
    They themselves close all the doors to success and then end up telling stories about how all the doors are closed due to their bad luck! Huh! Fair enough!
    The process behind doing what you love is to become a game changer there.
    If you just want to earn few bucks from blogging and had no interest better go for the job they will pay you higher!
  • A bit weird but stop following courses! You will know what happens when you follow a course? You end up thinking that this is final thing I have to do for success!
    However, actually what happens is your mind gets limited to that course you just stop thinking outside of the box.
    Either you take a course and then go beyond it with your imagination or either doesn’t take one!


Blog : Crossword Life

8- Nitishk Gupta

Nitishk Gupta -TBA

Almost every blogger tries to monetize a new blog, as they think that they can make some cash on the first day itself and as a result they get demotivated due to zero earnings.
Newbies think they can make their blog’s better without posting content regularly on it. Content posting frequency matters a lot in Blogging.

Blog : The Blogging Arena

Final Words

According to me the biggest mistake that newbies including me make is targeting money. They don’t pay attention to their content and traffic instead they stick on getting Adsense. I think you should learn from this article and skip those mistakes and invest your time in making your blog great so that it can give you $$$ every month 🙂 If you liked this roundup make sure to share it with your friends.

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